Green paper - Image CC License by Gui Seiz

The Green Paper is here!

After many months of discussion and consultation, we’re delighted to announce that the L&T Strategic Framework Green Paper has just been published to the DVC-A website:

This Green Paper is designed to spark collegial discussion on Learning and Teaching at Macquarie University. We encourage all colleagues to engage with its ideas and provide input and feedback that will inform the development of the final Learning and Teaching Framework. There are a number of mechanisms to do this.

  • An online form at:
  • An email to
  • Feedback to Associate Deans Learning and Teaching in your Faculty, and Directors in your Offices.

We will also be holding a number of events and attending Office, Department and Faculty meetings to provide a face-to-face opportunity for conversation.

The last day to provide feedback is June 30, 2015.

Thanks to all the people who have been involved in the consultation towards this Green Paper. In particular, thanks to the Reference Group consisting of the Associate Deans and Directors of Learning and Teaching and the Associate Deans of Quality and Standards; The Chair of Academic Senate, The Directors of PACE, LTC and COE and the Project Officer in the Office of the PVC L and T.