10 Reasons Why Your Unit Guide Might Not Be Approved

Unit GuidesAre you a Unit Convenor preparing your Unit Guide for publication?

Before you submit your Unit Guide to be approved on UNITS, check this list of the most common reasons Heads of Department give for sending Unit Guides back.

    1. Learning Outcomes don’t start with an action verb.
      Think about how to finish the sentence: ‘at the end of this unit of study, students will be able to….’ . The next word should be the ‘action’ verb that begins your Learning Outcome. This resource on writing Learning Outcomes offers more guidance.
    2. Readings aren’t listed.
      List all unit materials, including textbooks, required and recommended readings.
    3. Curriculum Mapping is incomplete.  You need to map Learning Outcomes, Assessment Tasks and Graduate Capabilities against each other. Click here for some instructions.
    4. Learning Outcomes and Assessment Tasks must all be mapped against each other, and against Graduate Capabilities.
    5. Typos, factual errors or broken links.
      Make sure information from last year is updated, such as teaching staff contact details, or hyperlinks.
    6. Assessments don’t meet the requirements of the Assessment Policy.
      Check the requirements here.
    7. All the Graduate Capabilities are mapped.
      You should select only the Graduate Capabilities which are addressed most in your unit.  Check the LTC’s resources on Graduate Capabilities for more information.
    8. Some of the Assessment details are missing.
      Macquarie’s Unit Guide Policy specifies certain information that must be included about assessments, including dates, length, weightings, submission method, grading criteria or standards, and more.
    9. There’s no explanation of changes from previous offering.
      If you’ve made changes to the unit since last time, it’s a Unit Guide Policy requirement that these are listed in the Unit Guide.
    10. Technology Used and Required is not listed.
      You should list all technology students will need to use in the Unit, including broadband internet, iLearn, and any software.

Did you know?

Students may have grounds for appeal of their grade if the Unit Guide was not in accordance with the Unit Guide Policy, or the student had been disadvantaged by variation of the assessment requirements or feedback provisions laid out in the Unit Guide.  Check the Grade Appeal Policy for further details.