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TEDS Response Rate Booster Shots

Have you ordered an online TEDS survey for your class or unit this session?

Here are some ideas you might consider for boosting your survey response rate.

Inform your students…

… about the importance of providing feedback to you about their experience in your class or unit.

Provide some examples of how you’ve used student feedback in the past to improve or enhance the learning experience in your classroom/iLearn space/course unit. Remind students that they’re valued participants in a learning community – you give them feedback on their work, and they also have the chance to give you feedback on yours.

You may want to refer the students to the YouTube clip “How teachers use your feedback“. This video provides examples of how student feedback has assisted the review and development of teaching and units in the past.

… about the content of the survey

Explain whether you’re seeking students’ feedback on the unit itself (organisation, delivery, curriculum, learning activities, assessment) or on your teaching (communication, enthusiasm and support for student learning, teaching methods etc). Explain who receives the results (teachers for LET, Unit Convenors and Heads of Department for LEU) and (again) emphasise the importance of student feedback in informing further development.

… about the online survey process

Let your students know that they’ll soon be receiving an invitation to complete an online survey via their student email address. The email will come from the address It will contain a personalised link to the survey. All they need to do is click through and complete the questionnaire.

You might also add a link to the survey in your iLearn unit. Advise students to click through from the link that appears in the iLearn Unit and Teaching Evaluation block once the survey opens.

… about data security and reporting

Remind students that their responses are anonymous and that all survey data is managed by TEDS (Teaching Evaluation for Development Service). Reports with student comments are not distributed to staff until after examination results are approved.

You may also wish to take this opportunity to point out that although survey responses are anonymous, if they make any abusive or discriminatory comments, all of their responses (not just the comments) will be excluded from reports on that survey.

… about the closing date for your survey

Provide several reminders over the survey period both in class and online.

Try the following super-booster technique for internal or blended delivery units:

Set aside time in class to do the survey. This would preferably in a tutorial, prac or lab class, where attendance tends to be higher than in lectures.

Ask students beforehand to bring their own device (smart phone, tablet or laptop) to class. (Talk to your Faculty L&T team about providing additional devices to loan to students who don’t have or bring one of their own.)

Brief a student to provide an introduction to the survey and urge their classmates to complete it.

For more information see Promote your Survey on the TEDS website.