Teche INSIGHTS with Dr Ronika K Power

Dr Ronika K Power embodies the spirit of academia – she loves her research, genuinely gets a kick out of teaching and is passionate about sharing her knowledge with the wider community.

As promised, Teche INSIGHTS aims to expose these positive exemplars of learning and teaching at Macquarie, and without further explanation we bring to you this snapshot, Education Beyond University.

Ronika’s enthusiasm and devotion for her work is palpable from the first encounter. A specialist in bioarchelogy (the excavation and analysis of human remains) she has participated in fieldwork across Egypt, Kenya, Malta, Lebanon and the UK, and provided expert consultancy  regarding the repatriation of Indigenous Australian remains. However it’s not just her fieldwork that make her so inspiring, but her ability to pass this energy on through her teaching.

Understandably, we weren’t the first to recognise this. Ronika was the first person in Australian history to receive a national award for teaching at tertiary level while still a doctoral student here at Macquarie. Ronika’s work also reaches far beyond University education. In April this year, she directed the educational partnership between Macquarie University and the Museum of Applied Arts and Science for the Egyptian Mummies: Exploring Ancient Lives Exhibition.

Often we hear of academics who win awards for their research, or conversely inspire a generation of students, however it can be rare to hear of those accomplishing both. Ronika is living evidence that a passion for what you do opens doors to both research and teaching.

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