Teaching in a room with no visual capture? No problem!

We’ve been contacted by a few teaching staff who have been timetabled into rooms that only capture the audio of their lectures. While the university is moving to upgrade teaching rooms to have screen capture of the lectern, we have an idea for how you can get around this until this happens.

Using Echo360 Personal Capture software, you can use your laptop. This will allow you to connect your computer to the lectern, project your lecture slides onto the screen and record your lecture – audio and lecture slides!

Sounds great and you’re keen as a button?  Register for the next workshop on Echo Personal Capture (running on the 2nd April)  or contact your faculty Educational Designer through ilearn.help@mq.edu.au to talk about how you can do this.



4 thoughts on “Teaching in a room with no visual capture? No problem!”

  1. Hi Bec,

    Thanks for this tip. It’s a great idea!! We have a few rooms in FoMHS that don’t have ECHO360 lecture recording facilities. This sounds like it would work a treat while we wait for the upgrade.



    1. Hi Sherrie,

      I can’t claim the credit, it was Pierre’s super-clever idea. Certainly a great work-around until full visual facilities are rolled out in teaching rooms.



  2. Well done Bec. The more the word gets out the better we can serve our clients!!! One to be aware of is that you need admin rights to be able to download the Echo Personal Capture software.

    1. Thanks Pierre, I’ve logged a onehelp ticket to have it installed. I also noticed the sign used as the header in this post (recording warning). Got me thinking that I better get something up for each of the rooms. Cheers,

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