Talent in the ranks

After many years experience working with Moodle (the Learning Management System underlying iLearn), Shamim Joarder has put his accumulated knowledge to good use, becoming a published author.

Moodle eLearning Course Design: A Flexible Approach first seeded as an idea while Shamim was working at the University of Adelaide as an eLearning Project Manager.   His experience in eLearning, working with a cross section of stakeholders has allowed Shamim to write a book which forms an excellent resource, aimed primarily at system and/or student administrators at RTOs, which can align with ASQA (Australian Skills Quality Authority) guidelines.  However, the practical examples of Moodle course design are still relevant  and adaptable to the Higher Education landscape.

The book offers innovative and constructive examples of course design that makes the most of what tools Moodle has to offer.  The eight chapters take you through from initial set up, organisational structure, course development workflow, ongoing management to strategies for anaylsing student performance and customisations. Best practice advice, handy tips for efficiencies and screen shots support the reader to deliver quality, outcomes based online learning for students.

A huge congratulations to Shamim on his first book publication and for contributing back to the eLearning community!  We are sure that many people will benefit from the time and expertise he has poured into Moodle eLearning Course Design: A Flexible Approach.

Moodle eLearning Course Design: A Flexible Approach is available through More Books!

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