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Trialing an in-class polling tool for student participation (Part 2)

To find out why we started this trial of an in-class polling tool and how we prepared for it, read part one of this article.

The classroom experience

Dan Daugaard decided to use Socrative with a limited number of questions. He also used both multiple choice and text responses. He trialled the tool in three different classes of 40+ students: two in Sydney and one in Melbourne.

Dan utilised the tool in a number of different ways which illustrate the inventiveness and creativity that is possible in academic teaching and the flexibility of in-class polling tools.

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Digital design partnerships at Learning and Teaching Week

Each session educational developers and designers from the Learning and Teaching Centre team up with academic teaching staff who have plans to enhance the learning experience of their students through implementing curriculum change. Learning and Teaching Week was the perfect opportunity to showcase some of these partnership projects from all faculties.

Prof Cath Dean and Sherrie Love showcased their online community unit which supports their Physiotherapy students while they complete their work placements in organisations across Sydney. The community building unit uses iLearn forums and databases to facilitate student generated content in a constructive and positive online environment.

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Being Digital?? by Sherman Young

There’s a lot of sound and fury around the increasing use of digital technologies – and not just in learning and teaching. It’s either self-proclaimed futurists insisting that an avalanche is coming, or naysayers loudly proclaiming an inherent evil in all electronic screens. The reality is, as usual, somewhere in between and there are some fantastic opportunities for learning, as well as some huge challenges.

What’s undeniable is that digital technologies are rapidly becoming our normal way of engaging with information. They are now at the centre of our commerce – our banking and shopping, our entertainment and current affairs, our socialising with family and friends. And more and more, they are central to the way we work – my new boss (hi John) seems very content reading meeting papers on his smartphone or tablet.

So it shouldn’t be a surprise that those digital technologies are rapidly becoming the centre of our learning and teaching. Already iLearn at MQ generates 1 billion (with a b) views annually, and all the evidence points to huge student use of our existing online resources. And judging by the current year 8 experience of my own kids (and yes, I know I shouldn’t generalise), our students’ use of digital technology is only going to increase.

Our approach to teaching should understand that. Properly designed and utilised, digital technologies provide tremendous opportunities for better learning. It can also free up teaching time, and allow more effective student interaction in face to face engagements. Fortuitously, our student cohorts (like the broader world) are increasingly engaged with digital technologies – to best address them, we need to fully develop emerging digital learning possibilities. So what about a principle along these lines:

Design for Digital, Digital by Design…

  • All of our learning will be blended, with every unit offering a mix of face to face and online activities;
  • Our core curriculum content and assessment (including examinations) will be on open, accessible digital platforms;
  • Our suite of fully online programs will be strategically expanded and strengthened

Any thoughts??

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Connection and clarity: how do we enhance teaching presence in online units?

Can studying online be an ideal learning experience? Macquarie graduate and staff member Lara Hardy looks at what teaching staff can do to help students feel connected.

Having studied as an undergraduate and postgraduate student on campus, by distance, and as an internal student taking some external units (whilst also undertaking prac), it is always interesting to compare different modes of study and teaching strategies and to ask, how do students learn best? Can they achieve their ideal learning experiences studying online?

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So, you’re thinking about teaching with tablets?

Jorge Reyna, Educational Designer, offers some tips for what to think about if you’re considering using tablets in your teaching.

Since the successful introduction of the iPad in 2010, tablet computers are becoming increasingly popular among students, professionals and everyday people. Because of their portability, quality display and touch screen capability, tablets are ideal devices for one-to-one learning, as well as field work. According to the NMC Horizon Report on Higher Education (2012), tablets are a new educational technology in their own right – a technology that blends features of laptops and smart-phones.

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Wealth of papers on technology enabled learning

2013 ascilite Macquarie University Conference resources available

With over 400 delegates participating in close to 200 presentations the 30th ascilite Conference 2013 held at Macquarie University was certainly engaging.  As a final update, you can now find on the archived conference website:

  1. Individual Papers on technology enhanced learning, in PDF format, each with its own landing page
  2. Audio and slide recordings of the Keynote Speakers
  3. Plus Photos from the event


Digital fluency of academics: a great challenge?

The 2014 NMC Technology Outlook for Australian Tertiary Education indicates that  the digital fluency of lecturers and professors is a great challenge, it also suggests that the solutions are clear. Professional development for teaching staff is one aspect but the report suggests the setting of clear expectations for a basic digital fluency skillset for all teaching staff is key.

Technology Enabled Learning and Curriculum Design Workshop

Dr Mitch Parsell, Macquarie University and Associate Professor Simon Barrie, Sydney University will be convening a workshop on Technology Enabled Learning and Curriculum Design at the inaugural OLT Conference.

The workshop will be of interest to practitioners and institutional
leaders of learning and teaching change. It will include a panel
facilitated by Professor Barrie, a brief presentation of the Standards for Online Education (SOE) by Dr Mitch Parsell and an
interactive session in which they will explore how to creatively use
technology to support the strategic enhancement of learning, teaching and curriculum.

mitchFor enquiries about the Standards for Online Education, please contact Dr Mitch Parsell.

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