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Why do students hire us?


Is a question posed by Clayton Christensen and colleagues in a 2011 report, Disrupting College: How Disruptive Innovation Can Deliver Quality and Affordability to Postsecondary Education.  Disruption has since had much attention in the media and literature; the hiring function somewhat less.

So why do students hire their chosen universities?  In a recent Gallup-Purdue study of 30,000 U.S. graduates it was found that which university you attend (large, small, elite or not) makes little difference to your workplace engagement and overall well-being.  What matters is the experience you have – or not. Continue reading Why do students hire us?

Try New Approaches through the Faculty Partnership Program

jigsaw-pieces-being-joined-shows-teamwork-and-collaborationHave you heard of the Faculty Partnership Program? We are currently inviting applications from interested parties to conduct a 6 month project with the Educational Design and Development group at the LTC.

These short intensive projects provide opportunities to try new approaches to learning and teaching by incorporating learning technologies with the aim of improving student engagement.

One recent project has been investigating the introduction of more interactive tools (wikis, chat, RSS feeds, Blogs, Twitter feeds, different forms of video to include conferencing) and aligned student activities to enhance a 2nd year undergraduate unit in European languages. The Academic Lead, Blanche Menadier says “I am enjoying the FPP despite the fact that it is requiring more work than I had hoped for because I can see that what we are doing is transferable to other units and because the people I am working with are extremely helpful and user-friendly”.

Application closing dEU_layoutate for the next round of projects is Friday 30 May. For more details on the program and information on how to apply, contact your Associate Dean, Head of Office or see the LTC website.