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4 Years of Brilliant Ideas

We’ve crunched the numbers on 4 years of the Faculty Partnership Program. But because facts and figures don’t always tell the whole story,  we’ve also invited some Macquarie academics (Sijia Guo, Dr Michael Cavanagh, Dr Kirsty Davies, A/Prof Kerry Sherman and Susan Edwards) to provide their reflections, and a few teaching tips… Continue reading 4 Years of Brilliant Ideas

Debriefing: Why do we use it?

Do you use debriefing in your unit? How have you used it? Have you found it to be a successful strategy?

There are various claims about the effectiveness of debriefing for achieving a variety of learning outcomes. In Learning through Participation (LTP), where students undertake some kind of industry internship or project work with a community organisation (such as through the PACE program), debriefing has been credited with fostering better knowledge acquisition and retention, skill improvements, heightened perceptions of self-competence, and attitudinal changes among other benefits (e.g. Chronister & Brown, 2012).

Isn’t debriefing and reflection the same thing? What’s the difference?

Continue reading Debriefing: Why do we use it?

Contemplating Change

Vanessa Fredericks reports on a recent visit by  Dr  Patricia Morgan

Patricia Morga
Dr Patricia Morgan

Could contemplative education be the key to creating a “culture of transformative learning in a research-enriched environment” (Office of the Vice-Chancellor, Macquarie University, 2013).

Dr Patricia Morgan from the University of New South Wales thinks so. Continue reading Contemplating Change