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Talking about plagiarism…..

We’d also like to let you know that, since And Gladly has been posting information and tips about plagiarism, we have experienced a significant reduction in the number of cases referred to the Faculty Academic Honesty Committee.

If you need a refresher, you can find some previous tips here and here.

Contact Lia Saunders if you have an academic honesty matter you’d like to discuss – x 7962 or email lia.saunders@mq.edu.au 


Have you Turnitin-ed??

Recently, the University Discipline Committee received an appeal based on irregularity in the marking process where the assessment mark (based on the quality of the assessment’s content) was released prior to the Turnitin software being used to detect the plagiarism matter.

With the new implementation of the online marking process, the Committee would like to remind all Faculties to ensure (when possible) that Turnitin is utilised prior to the release of a final assessment mark to the student. 

Contact Mitch Parsell with any queries about assessment and using Turnitin.