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It’s all talk….. discussion forums as assessment

Image courtesy of Broadway Baby www.broadwaybaby.comThe popularity of discussion forums as a form of assessment at Macquarie has jumped significantly since the introduction of iLearn in 2012.  In 2013 discussion forums appeared in 99.1% iLearn units (either assessed or non-assessed), according to the iLearn Evaluation Report 2013 , A/Prof Maree Gosper, Helen Carter, Cathy Rytmeister, Elaine Huber, March 2014, Macquarie University.

So what’s all of the fuss about discussion forums?
Building on the educational theory of constructivism, students have the opportunity to  construct their own knowledge and understanding while exploring and testing these ideas with their peers.   Continue reading It’s all talk….. discussion forums as assessment

Calling all Teachers – the “secrets” to effective teaching

Fish TeacherAre you new to teaching, new to Macquarie University or would like to revisit and develop your teaching skills? Then the Foundations in Learning and Teaching (FILT) program will definitely be for you.

Join Dr Trudy Amber from the Faculty of Arts as she takes you through this 5 Module continuous mode program. There are 9 face-to-face teaching sessions with on-going support and reflection between each module, facilitated through iLearn.

This program commences on Wednesday 12 March through to Wednesday 28 May with 9 x 2 hour sessions, 12 noon to 2pm in W6A 107.

For more information on this exciting program or to register, please click here

Online Learning Predictions from Tony Bates

blue skyTony Bates, well known thinker and author on distance and online learning has published his 2020 Vision: Outlook for online learning in 2014 and way beyond.

Tony is particularly known for his time as Director of Distance Education and Technology at the University of British Columbia, Canada and through his work as Research Team Leader of MAPLE, the Centre for Research into Managing and Planning Learning Environments in Education at UBC.

In his vision he outlines 9 main points:

  1. The disappearance of online learning as a separate construct
  2. Multi-mode delivery concentrated in fewer institutions – but more diversity
  3. Multi-purpose, open delivery, with multiple levels of service and fees
  4. Goodbye to the lecture-based course
  5. Goodbye to the written exam – and welcome to the final implementation of lifelong learning
  6. New financial models
  7. Systematic faculty development and training
  8. Devolved decision-making and organizational models
  9. Student privacy, data security and student online behaviour will become more difficult

The replacement of lectures has been predicted for many years now. The emergence of the flipped classroom has given us a viable alternative. What do you think? Which predictions do you agree with?