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The Power of Open

We are honoured here at Macquarie to be hosting the Executive Director of SPARC, Heather Joseph. SPARC is the member-driven international alliance that is the brains behind the theme of this year’s OA Week: “Open in Order to...” For 15 years, SPARC has been a leading international force for effective open access policies and practices.

Don’t miss the opportunity to meet Heather in person at a roundtable session to be held in the Library on Monday 30 Oct at 2.00 – 3.00pm.

Under Heather’s stewardship, SPARC’s efforts focus on supporting new models for the open sharing of digital articles, data and educational resources.

 “Effectively communicating the tangible benefits that Open Access provides is essential for open to become the default in both policy and practice,” says Heather. “I’m keen to focus discussions on those benefits of openness that are most compelling locally—whether that’s increasing citation counts, enabling anyone to learn from the latest scholarship, or accelerating the translation of research into economic gains—and encourage action to realize these benefits.”

The focus of this session is open educational resources (OERs), a topic relevant all at Macquarie as we look to making education more accessible and engaging.

You are welcome to come along to meet Heather and contribute to the discussion.

Monday 30 Oct, 2.00 – 3.00pm, Room 4.01 on Level 4, Library. 


Open Access week activities (24 – 28 October)

If a material is open access, the copyright owner has made the material publicly accessible and has given blanket permission to users to read, download, copy, distribute, print, search, link to, crawl through, index or otherwise use the material in all or most circumstances.

Read on to find out what we have planned for Open Access week at Macquarie University.

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It’s all about impact. Open Access and signing that publishing deal.

You like the idea of as many people as possible being able to access, use and cite your work. This means getting your ideas out there quickly, so Open Access (OA) publishing is the model for you.

Visibility is what it’s all about: for your ideas, as well as your researcher profile and your career. Continue reading It’s all about impact. Open Access and signing that publishing deal.