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The sky is not falling.

I’ve come across this great blog post and video on historical claims of ‘This will revolutionize education’, which is often associated with claims that the role of the teacher will become redundant.   This is something that I have come across often in the roll out of a few new technologies  in my time at Macquarie.   Teaching staff can often question their place in the fast changing pace of educational technologies. Continue reading The sky is not falling.

I love a good quote to kick start a post!

I wanted this post to be about something in particular but I didn’t know how to start, how to make it something that people would want to read (especially when it’s that time of the year when most of us are plumb tuckered out, just like my hairy child, Samuel – yes, just an excuse to post a photo of my dog – see his cuteness below).  In all seriousness though, this post is about reflecting on our iLearn unit while the Session is still fresh in our mind and what better way to start than with a Terry Pratchett quote!

Whether you reflect formally or informally, consciously or unconsciously, I’m sure you’ve had thoughts at times about how your iLearn unit has been running.  If we don’t know where we’ve been, it certainly makes it hard to know where we are going next.

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A fresh approach to an age-old problem

Ancient History academic, Dr Alex Woods recognized a problem and a pattern with undergrads and she decided to do something about it.

Reflecting on her experience of previous teaching of 100 and 200 level Ancient History units, Alex found that a large amount of queries from students were questions about basic information which could have been answered if the students had turned to the Unit Guide.  Several teaching staff, not just Unit Convenors were receiving up to 15 emails a day from students asking questions such as What text book do I need? When is the assessment due again?  And how much is it worth? Through to asking how to contact teaching staff and what are the late penalties for submitting after the due date?

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Exchange: Session 3 Tips

The November 11th iLearn Exchange looked at intensive or compressed curriculum and stimulated some great discussion. Dr Peter Keegan outlined the approach Ancient History has taken in Session 3 units. Ms Scarlet An talked about the FBE ‘KickStart‘ initiative and working with convenors on developing intensive units. Thank you, Peter and Scarlet!

Dr Peter Keegan, Ancient History

The unit that Peter used as an illustration is a ‘Planet’ unit that is 1st year or level 1. In session 3, it has between 250-300 students. One convenor manages and marks the unit.

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Creating and enhancing online learning communities

One of the strategic goals of Macquarie’s Centre for Open Education is to develop and support the Macquarie University virtual campus so that our students feel part of and connect to the wider university community. One of the questions we ask is: how do we ensure students studying units purely online become part of an energetic and engaged learning community?

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Reminder to post a reminder

Recently, I was talking with a colleague about reminders.   Reminding ourselves to do something, reminding students when a task is due and generally how we now rely on ourselves less and less to remember dates, events, appointments and of course when something is due.  The prevalence of technology as our personal assistant means our brain is less exercised in this area and you know what they say ‘use it or lose it’.  OK, that might be extreme and the previous sentence is grounded in no research or study whatsoever, it just seems logical to assume.

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New! Online iLearn Gradebook Training – Are you excited?

I hope that you are as excited as I am!

The Learning and Teaching Centre is pleased to announce online training in iLearn’s Gradebook.

With three Faculties moving toward full use of iLearn’s Gradebook to store, calculate and return grades to students, demand for Gradebook training is on the rise.   While we offer numerous face to face training sessions, we now  offer staff the chance to learn how to use the Gradebook at a time and place that is convenient for the individual.

Are you sessional?  Don’t get to campus much?  Do you teach OUA units?  Just can’t seem to find time to make it to a face to face workshop?  Then this online unit is for you.  Whether you are a Unit Convenor, Lecturer, Tutor, Teaching Assistant or Professional staff, this unit is suitable for all levels and is the equivalent of our face to face training.

The design is clear, easy to follow and you will be an expert in iLearn Gradebook functionality in no time at all.  To find out more or to register, go to the registration page on LTCs Workshops Booking page.