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LTX Event – Rethinking ‘Lectures’ For The Digital Audience

Digital platforms change the ways students engage with learning and are therefore changing the way we teach. New platforms call for a rethinking of how we deliver ‘lecture content’. It’s not about focusing on the technology itself, but understanding how pedagogy and approaches to teaching can be enhanced and adapted to suit new delivery platforms.

Session 2, 2017 will see the implementation of Echo 360’s upgraded lecture capture tool, Active Learning Platform (ALP) across the entire university.

ALP brings with it live streaming capacity and the ability to turn lectures and tutorials into more collaborative communities of learning through participatory activity.

Over the last couple of years Macquarie has introduced various flipped and blended learning and teaching approaches, where content is delivered through video and other means.

These concepts, approaches, tools and more will be discussed at the next LTX event on 15 June, 2017 1pm-2:00pm in Macquarie Theatre.

Hear from teachers who have successfully utilised these tools to create more engaging, flexible and dynamic ways to engage the student of today.

A recording of this LTX is now available here. Log in to iLearn, click on the Echo360 ALP link, then click on the green “play” icon on the right side of the event name. This recording includes the camera view from the theatre, as well as the presentation view, interactive slides and Q&A forum.g will work.