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TIP – Beginning to Teach Wrap Up Session

Did you register for the Teaching Induction Program (TIP) this year? Did you teach this year for the first time?

This session is designed as a debrief and feedback session for new teaching staff. You don’t have to have registered in or completed TIP – although we are certainly interested in your feedback on this program if you did participate in it.

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A toxic effect of ‘flying solo’ for teaching staff

Are you one of these people who finds themselves saying at a dinner party “At least there is a lot of autonomy in what I do…” when you talk about your teaching??

Think again. Research suggests that working in isolation might actually be harmful for your job satisfaction and well-being, especially if you are an ‘early career’ academic.

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Introducing the 2016 Teche Awards

Calling all Teche readers. On behalf of the Learning and Innovation Hub and the Teche Editorial Team, we would like to introduce to you all….(drumroll please)….. The 2016 Teche Awards!  

We are asking you, the Teche community to pick the winners, it’s your vote (for the People’s Choice awards, that is).

The Teche blog has had 191 posts in the last year, a whopping 7233 views during August and an outstanding 585 views on the 25th August. For that, we would like to reward your efforts!

The winners will be announced at the Vice Chancellor’s Learning and Teaching Awards on Monday, October 24th.

The categories are:

The Post with the Most Impact 

The Learning and Teaching People’s Choice

The Overall People’s Choice

So dear reader, cast your vote here!

Voting closes on the 24th September.

Happy Voting!