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Winners of the Faculty of Arts Learning and Teaching Awards 2017

The Arts Faculty is all about quality learning and teaching. So it’s no surprise that submissions to the Faculty of Arts Learning and Teaching Awards 2017 were inspirational. Here are the winners of the 2017 awards, together with short videos explaining a bit about their work.

Employability skills

Dr Iqbal Barket and Dr Karen Pearlman were recognized for facilitating student engagement, collaboration, communication and employability in screen production through the development of consolidated curricula and delivery which includes intensive teaching.

Flipped classroom

Dr Matt Bailey and Professor Sean Brawley were recognized For developing innovative flipped classroom curricula for diverse student cohorts enrolled across multiple, integrated, modes of delivery.

Communication skills

Lise Barry was recognized For inspiring law students to develop their communication skills through innovation, authentic assessment and co-curricular support.

Learning analytics

Chris Froissard, Professor Deborah Richards, Dr Danny Liu and Amara Atif were recognized For service innovation in the design, development and implementation of a learning analytics tool that supports learning and teaching at Macquarie University.

For more information about these submissions go to the Arts Community of Practice to look at the winning submissions

Australian Awards for University Teaching

While maintaining productivity and motivation in your everyday tasks, you may feel at times like your teaching efforts go unannounced. But you need to be reminded that your work is acknowledged and more often than not inspires others.  Below we will hear from Professor John Croucher (pictured above receiving the award at the National Portrait Gallery, Canberra, from Senator Scott Ryan), the 2013 recipient of the now Australian University Teacher of the Year (AAUT).  Continue reading Australian Awards for University Teaching