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Lean in Education Workshop with Professor Vincent Wiegel

Visiting for the Lean Higher Education conference, Professor Vincent Wiegel (HAN University of Applied Sciences in The Netherlands) introduces Lean thinking in Education and invites you to explore Lean concepts in your practice.
Lean thinking, developed as a business methodology, assesses institutional activity to improve efficiency and deliver increased value. Lean in Education applies the principles of Lean thinking to pedagogical and Higher Education structures.
Making Lean choices when developing learning spaces (both physical and cognitive) can make the process more efficient and tailored, freeing up an educator’s time to be more present and accessible. We will delve into Macquarie specific applications of this approach. Wiegel will share stories from the classroom, both success and failures, and how to combine pedagogy and lean thinking to drive improvement.
Proposed Workshop Program (subject to modification): 

10:00 – Welcome
10:10 – Personalised learning: overview of Lean educational thinking
10:20 – Creating Learning Spaces: pedagogical approach and design guidelines
10:30 – New Engineers experience: design and execution of the program
10:40 – A Macquarie case exploration
10:55 – Exploration through working on own cases
11:40 – Sharing insights
11:55 – New Engineers at Macquarie
12:00 – Lunch

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