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What do students think about KickStart?

90% of 200 students who responded to a voluntary online survey say they would recommend KickStart to other students.

Although this is a relatively small sample of students, and while students identified various elements of KickStart that could be improved – evaluations have indicated that this pre-session engagement initiative is a worthwhile investment of time and effort in order to improve the student experience and help students prepare for a unit of study.

Visit our KickStart Showcase Unit to see examples of KickStart packages released in S1 2015.

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How’s your student engagement factor so far?

Have your students started the session a little slower than you’d like? Wish they were more engaged from the very beginning? 20 Unit Convenors gave their students the chance to hit the ground running in Session 1 this year with the inclusion of KickStart in their units.

Showcase Unit

What’s all the fuss about KickStart, you say? Well, we’ve put together this self enrolling Showcase Unit so you can take a peek at what some of your colleagues have been creating with this new pre-session initiative.

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KickStart – the next phase

Launched in 2014, the KickStart project has grown by leaps and bounds in the last 12 months. Brainchild of Prof Leigh Wood, Associate Dean L&T (FBE) and project managed by Dr Yvonne Breyer, L&T Director (FBE) the project started off with a two pronged objective: firstly, to allow students to get a feel for what they will be studying for the next 13 weeks; and secondly, to build connections between their prior knowledge and the course content, allowing them to contextualise the learning outcomes. The KickStart motto is: Plan – Prepare – Participate.

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