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iLearn Logs and Reports

Natalie Spence, Educational Developer reports on May’s iLearn Exchange

The iLearn Exchange on 6 May looked at reports and logs in iLearn.


In case you didn’t know, there are a number of logs and reports you can run and download. They are useful sources of information about general and specific activity in your iLearn unit.  Here’s a quick rundown on what’s available. Continue reading iLearn Logs and Reports

Grademark and Rubrics workshop – your path to easier marking

The LTC has put some quick workshops together to explain how to set up and capitalise on rubrics for your assessments. These workshops include exploring the different types of rubrics, and creating, sharing and exporting rubrics. The two workshops are Using Grademark to create Assessment Rubrics and Grademark and Grademark Rubrics. Continue reading Grademark and Rubrics workshop – your path to easier marking

Heads up: UNITS improvements and outage times

UNITS, the Unit Guide system, will soon become part of iTeach.

Exciting news!  From Session 2, Unit Convenors will use iTeach to publish their Unit Guides and activate their iLearn spaces.

In order to prepare for the upgrade, UNITS will be unavailable for staff this Friday (29 May) afternoon from 12.00 to 5.00 pm and Wednesday 4 June from 12.00 pm to 5.00 pm. Unit guides will still be available for students and staff to view but staff will not be able to log in to edit or update their unit guides during these times. Continue reading Heads up: UNITS improvements and outage times

It’s all talk….. discussion forums as assessment

Image courtesy of Broadway Baby www.broadwaybaby.comThe popularity of discussion forums as a form of assessment at Macquarie has jumped significantly since the introduction of iLearn in 2012.  In 2013 discussion forums appeared in 99.1% iLearn units (either assessed or non-assessed), according to the iLearn Evaluation Report 2013 , A/Prof Maree Gosper, Helen Carter, Cathy Rytmeister, Elaine Huber, March 2014, Macquarie University.

So what’s all of the fuss about discussion forums?
Building on the educational theory of constructivism, students have the opportunity to  construct their own knowledge and understanding while exploring and testing these ideas with their peers.   Continue reading It’s all talk….. discussion forums as assessment

Getting to know you……

Thackray, Alex, https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=6689991153&set=pb.639576153.-2207520000.1399941747.&type=3&theater, , July 2, 2007, accessed 13 May 2014In Getting to know you…… we will be introducing you to some of the fabulous, interesting and quirky people who help in keeping iLearn the awesome-o online learning space that it is.  This update, we are going to get to know Alex Thackray, Educational Designer currently assigned to the Faculty of Business and Economics.

How long have you worked at Macquarie?
Since 2007, when I began working at the International office.

When did you join the LTC?
Back in 2011 when I was lucky enough to join the (then) FITSO (Faculty iLearn Training & Support Officer) crew!

What’s your favourite part of being an Educational Designer?
The challenge and variety – I’m always learning.

Share something personal with us or something surprising that not many people would know about you.
I believe you should try and do one thing every day that scares you. For me, that’s usually Crossfit!

What’s your #1 hot tip (on anything to do with iLearn, etc)?
A clear structure and instructions are key – students aren’t mind readers. Develop solid rubrics to communicate expectations and save marking time.

Do you have any pets?
Yep! A little blue, broccoli eating budgie – he goes nuts for the Game of Thrones theme song!


I’ve got designs on you……

Who do you have in mind when you design or add content to your unit?

Braille Font Keys, Image courtesy of Hans, Pixabay, http://pixabay.com/en/braille-font-keys-metal-plate-52554/The needs of students with disabilities are often overlooked when academics are designing and building an online unit.  Sometimes it is due to time constraints, busy workloads or not knowing where to seek help. Online learning should be an even playing field, even if you are unaware of students with any special learning needs, you should be designing and building as if there are.  ‘But where do you find help?’ I hear you ask. Continue reading I’ve got designs on you……

Everyone needs a little help sometimes……

Everyone needs a little help sometimes……

Whether staff or student, at times we could do with a little bit of (iLearn) help.

Want to know how to get some iLearn help for yourself or know where to point students?


  • email ilearn.help@mq.edu.au
  • lodge a ticket with OneHelp
  • Quick guides (includes  videos)
  • Info Sheets (Tips, tricks, tool guides, checklists and more in-depth resources to help you get the most out of iLearn)
  • FAQs (access via this link or by this in the red bar across the top of the screen in iLearn Help me icon in iLearn )
  • One to one appointments  (email ilearn.help@mq.edu.au to request)
  • Drop-in Clinics run twice a year two weeks prior to and first week of semester
  • Training – there is always a plethora of online or face-to-face training going on.  Teach a man to fish……


People often lament that there is no help for students, however, this is soooo not the case.

  • lodge a ticket with OneHelp
  • email help@mq.edu.au
  • Guides for students
  • FAQs (access via this link or by clicking the help icon in the red bar across the top of the screen in iLearn ) Help me icon in iLearn

The battle for submission

iLearn Assignment vs Turnitin

Image courtesy of Flickr, Paul Townsend, https://www.flickr.com/photos/brizzlebornandbred/2080159885/in/set-72157616043429682/Many academics I meet with are using Turnitin. Many also lament the lack of team or group submission functionality (Turnitin have this on their road map of improvement, but it’s still a whiles away yet).    Some even use Turnitin because they think they HAVE to (no, currently no Macquarie Faculty has mandated the use of Turnitin).

Let’s have a look at them duke it out and you be the judge.

Function iLearn assignment turnitin
Group/Team submission


Text matching ability or Originality Report


Declaration from student it is their own work (academic honesty acknowledgement)



 Digital receipt of student submission



 Upload any file type


not yet but coming S2

Type text response online instead of file upload


Online feedback on actual submission


 General online feedback



 Accept late submissions



Notify markers of late submissions

Blind marking (student ID- no name)


 Rubric/Marking criteria



 Students can see rubric before submitting



only if you manually link to it in the summary section

 Marks flow into iLearn Gradebook


 Students notified submission has been marked