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The Game of Thrones technique for keeping your students engaged

Tell them what happens to those who don’t pay attention

There are many creative techniques that can help teaching staff keep students engaged in learning. This week reports are circulating on the internet of one high school maths teacher with a new approach out of left-field: threatening students with spoilers from the HBO series Game of Thrones. If students do not pay attention when required, they risk being told which characters in the hit series will die in the next season, and how.  By all reports the technique has been very effective, with the class remaining quiet, and very attentive.

The teacher has already read all the books by George R. R. Martin,  thus proving the saying, knowledge is power.  Although, as die-hard Game of Thrones fans will know, that concept didn’t work out so well for Littlefinger against Cersei in Episode 1 of Season 2.

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P.S. Beware searching for anything Game of Thrones-related online, for the Internet is dark and full of spoilers.