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iLearn Drop-in Clinic returns for S1, 2015!

Never fear, the iLearn Drop-in Clinic will soon be here!

The Drop-in Clinic will kick off on 9 February to support staff in readiness for the start of Session 1.  On hand will be our friendly, supportive staff to help you with all things:

  • iLearn
  • iTeach – iLearn Spaces (in plain English, creating/activating your iLearn unit for the new session)
  • iTeach – Unit Guides
  • Echo360 (timetabled lectures continue to be automatically recorded – audio/screen capture depending on timetabled room facilities)

Let’s cut to the chase, what’s the time, date and location?


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Echo Sights Student Engagement

Echo, synonymous with lecture recordings forms one pillar supporting the iLearn platform. Driven by largely by student demand, automated lecture capture at Macquarie has seen usage increase 30% year on year over the past decade. Current practice is to automatically record timetabled lectures in any of the 140 supported venues.

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Getting to know you….

In Getting to know you… we  introduce you to some of the fabulous, interesting and quirky people who help in keeping iLearn the awesome-o online learning space that it is.

Pierre Teche2This update we are going to get to know a man who many academics have dealt with over the years. Always friendly, always helpful and nothing is a problem, Pierre Bleiker,  Digital Recording Administrator (Echo360).  We put a face to the voice at the end of the phone.

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Everyone needs a little help sometimes……

Everyone needs a little help sometimes……

Whether staff or student, at times we could do with a little bit of (iLearn) help.

Want to know how to get some iLearn help for yourself or know where to point students?


  • email ilearn.help@mq.edu.au
  • lodge a ticket with OneHelp
  • Quick guides (includes  videos)
  • Info Sheets (Tips, tricks, tool guides, checklists and more in-depth resources to help you get the most out of iLearn)
  • FAQs (access via this link or by this in the red bar across the top of the screen in iLearn Help me icon in iLearn )
  • One to one appointments  (email ilearn.help@mq.edu.au to request)
  • Drop-in Clinics run twice a year two weeks prior to and first week of semester
  • Training – there is always a plethora of online or face-to-face training going on.  Teach a man to fish……


People often lament that there is no help for students, however, this is soooo not the case.

  • lodge a ticket with OneHelp
  • email help@mq.edu.au
  • Guides for students
  • FAQs (access via this link or by clicking the help icon in the red bar across the top of the screen in iLearn ) Help me icon in iLearn

Unlock the Hidden Secrets of W5C 210…and All the Other Rooms Too

The new Room Profile page from Timetables tells you all you need to know about teaching spaces across Campus, including photographs, room capacity, equipment, access details, Echo360 and a host of other info.
Just click on the room in the list to view: http://timetables.mq.edu.au/scientia/web/list.htm
Look out for new Smart Codes on classroom doors so that students can view timetable details with the QR readers on their phones.