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Learning & Teaching Exchange – exploring student engagement in face to face

It is a cry we often hear:

How do you engage students during face to face lectures? They’re on their devices and physically present but I don’t know that they are mentally present!*

If you feel this shared pain, why not come along to our next Learning and Teaching Exchange?

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Is iLearn down, or is it just me?

Like all technology, iLearn can sometimes seem to experience a technical hiccup, become slow or even go offline. But any number of things could actually be the cause of this – such as your broadband connection, or the wireless network on campus, or maybe Cookie Monster decided to break the internet.  Here are a few simple steps to work out what’s causing the problem.

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Teaching in a room with no visual capture? No problem!

We’ve been contacted by a few teaching staff who have been timetabled into rooms that only capture the audio of their lectures. While the university is moving to upgrade teaching rooms to have screen capture of the lectern, we have an idea for how you can get around this until this happens.

Using Echo360 Personal Capture software, you can use your laptop. This will allow you to connect your computer to the lectern, project your lecture slides onto the screen and record your lecture – audio and lecture slides!

Sounds great and you’re keen as a button?  Register for the next workshop on Echo Personal Capture (running on the 2nd April)  or contact your faculty Educational Designer through ilearn.help@mq.edu.au to talk about how you can do this.



iLearn Drop-in Clinic returns for S1, 2015!

Never fear, the iLearn Drop-in Clinic will soon be here!

The Drop-in Clinic will kick off on 9 February to support staff in readiness for the start of Session 1.  On hand will be our friendly, supportive staff to help you with all things:

  • iLearn
  • iTeach – iLearn Spaces (in plain English, creating/activating your iLearn unit for the new session)
  • iTeach – Unit Guides
  • Echo360 (timetabled lectures continue to be automatically recorded – audio/screen capture depending on timetabled room facilities)

Let’s cut to the chase, what’s the time, date and location?


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Echo Sights Student Engagement

Echo, synonymous with lecture recordings forms one pillar supporting the iLearn platform. Driven by largely by student demand, automated lecture capture at Macquarie has seen usage increase 30% year on year over the past decade. Current practice is to automatically record timetabled lectures in any of the 140 supported venues.

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