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Watch: Modularisation of the Engineering Curriculum

The undergraduate Engineering curriculum at Macquarie has been undergoing redesign based on smaller modules. Each semesterised teaching unit addresses a single transformative threshold concept through a coherent sequence of modules. Each module is  self-contained and focuses on a clearly identified skill and knowledge concepts, informed by the threshold concept.

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Intensive Mode Delivery: Where to Start?

Jorge Reyna

by Jorge Reyna, Educational Designer working with the Faculty of Science at Macquarie University


What is intensive mode delivery?
Intensive mode refers to various alternatives to semester delivery of units; wherein teaching and learning occurs over a shorter timeframe than a semester. Intensive units provide greater access and opportunity to students who require greater flexibility in order to balance family, work and study (Curtis, 2000). Recent research has found that students regard intensive units as a short-cut and do less work than they would in a semester’s unit (Welsh, 2012). A secondary concern students pointed is fatigue toward the end of the unit. It is well-known that fatigue undermines learning and performance (Kahol et al, 2008). These issues pointed the need to ensure that the intensive mode delivery is not undermining student learning opportunities and outcomes.

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Calling all Teachers – the “secrets” to effective teaching

Fish TeacherAre you new to teaching, new to Macquarie University or would like to revisit and develop your teaching skills? Then the Foundations in Learning and Teaching (FILT) program will definitely be for you.

Join Dr Trudy Amber from the Faculty of Arts as she takes you through this 5 Module continuous mode program. There are 9 face-to-face teaching sessions with on-going support and reflection between each module, facilitated through iLearn.

This program commences on Wednesday 12 March through to Wednesday 28 May with 9 x 2 hour sessions, 12 noon to 2pm in W6A 107.

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Are you a People Person? Or a Planet Person?

If you’re involved with running a People or Planet unit this year, here’s an opportunity to connect with colleagues doing the same.

Join the People and Planet Knowledge Network to meet up and share thoughts and experiences with colleagues from across the University, whilst reviewing and building teaching and learning skills.

Image courtesy Macquarie University Sustainability

First get-together of the People and Planet Network for the year:
Let’s Reflect: How reflection can enhance skill development
Tuesday, 15 April, 12noon-1pm
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