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A Curious Mind: Connect More with…Nick McGuigan

What do accounting, permaculture and performance artist Marina Abramovic have in common? Nick McGuigan thrives on hunting for teaching inspiration from unexpected sources. Before you catch him at Learning and Teaching Week, find out a little more about what makes Nick tick… Continue reading A Curious Mind: Connect More with…Nick McGuigan

Chance to win – complete survey on work-based learning

We are seeking feedback from staff and students on the opportunity to explore collaborations and new approaches to learning and work. We’re particularly interested in staff and students from Business, Marketing, Media, Education, Economics and Information Technology.

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SASU are a BLASST (winner)

The second national leadership summit on quality learning and teaching with sessional staff was hosted at Macquarie University on Friday 10 April. With representatives from 35 institutions, including the Office for Learning and Teaching and a director from TEQSA, the atmosphere on the day was vibrant. Following the keynotes, Pecha Kuchas introduced the finalists in the National BLASST Good Practice Awards.

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UPDATE – it’s working! Technical alert: Turnitin iPad app


We are pleased to advise that Turnitin have released the update to fix the issue with their app.

The Learning Systems Team have also completed testing of the updated app before announcing the release.  Testing has shown that the issue is indeed fixed.

What to do now?  You will need to download the update the app on your iPad.  Go to the app store here.   Sorry to Andriod users, Turnitin only developed an app for iPad.

Happy marking!

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How’s your student engagement factor so far?

Have your students started the session a little slower than you’d like? Wish they were more engaged from the very beginning? 20 Unit Convenors gave their students the chance to hit the ground running in Session 1 this year with the inclusion of KickStart in their units.

Showcase Unit

What’s all the fuss about KickStart, you say? Well, we’ve put together this self enrolling Showcase Unit so you can take a peek at what some of your colleagues have been creating with this new pre-session initiative.

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Employer Engagement Opportunity

Macquarie University’s inaugural Banking, Trading and Consulting Fair hosted jointly by The Career and Employment Service and the Macquarie Graduate School of Management will be held next week. 

WHEN: Wednesday 4th March, 5.30pm – 7.30pm

WHERE: MGSM Campus, Macquarie University

All FBE staff are welcome and encouraged to come meet the IMG_1581employers who will include:

  • Westpac
  • Commonwealth Bank
  • Macquarie Group
  • Barclays
  • Zurich
  • PwC
  • EY
  • 180degrees Consulting
  • Optiver
  • Aliom Trading

The Banking,Trading and Consulting Fair is a professional and invite-only event for students; only those with high GPAs and Merit Scholars will be attending.


Are you a digital hoarder?

Recently, I read an article about digital hoarding  (can’t remember Samuel Ritchie-Russellwhere though). I have to admit, I save emails I don’t really need to – just in case – and the number of photos I have on my smart phone…. (mainly of my hairy child, Samuel – here’s one for you).  It made me think about the number of iLearn units that I have seen with content still labelled Blackboard or Moodle Migration Report from the migration in 2011, and unit guides (hidden of course) from the 1970s. OK, maybe I’m exaggerating a touch, but you get the idea.

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