Synergy at the Library Info Desk and beyond

The Learning Skills Unit has recently relocated into a new home – the Macquarie University Library. The move is already opening up possibilities for enhancing student support in academic literacies for your students.

It’s crunch time for assignment due dates and the Library Info Desk is its usual bustling hub for student support. Students are busy completing (or are frantically starting!) assignments due around this time and they often throng around the hub of the Info Desk, asking questions ranging from ‘Can you help me understand my assignment?’ to ‘Where can I find academic sources for my topic?’ or ‘Have I structured my report appropriately?’ Students often consult with a Learning Adviser and then take the few steps to the adjacent desk where Library staff demonstrate the search strategies they need to find the materials they need.  Both the Learning Advisers and the Librarians work towards the goal of helping students succeed by helping them develop the academic skills they need.

Good move

This is just one of the reasons that the recent move of the Learning Skills Unit (LSU) into the Macquarie University Library is working so well. The Library has always been a second home for Learning Advisers, since they are there every weekday for student consultations, and so the move has been a very welcome one for the team. The Learning Skills team, led by Manager Tessa Green, comprises four full-time Learning Advisers – Dr Robyn Westcott, Ann Walker, Vanessa Todd and Carol Floyd.

The new location of the Learning Skills Unit within the Library offers many new opportunities for collaboration and synergistic developments in relation to supporting academic and information literacies for staff and students. The Learning Skills Unit and Research Librarians have already teamed up to plan new workshops that include the ‘finding sources’ aspect of assignment writing, and we are looking forward to developing further avenues for supporting students in tandem and for working with faculties to re-imagine student support.

A One-Stop Shop for Academic Help

Meanwhile, the Info Desk continues to offer a one-stop shop for academic help. If you have students whose writing and research skills could improve with individual help, suggest that they come to the Info Desk. Library staff are available weekdays from 9 am to 7 pm and on the weekend from 10 am to 6 pm; Learning Advisers are at the desk from 12 noon to 2 pm, or students can contact us online at Ask a Learning Adviser on the Learning Skills webpage. Academics can also specifically refer students using the Student Referral Form [PDF].