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Sustainable Upgrade Improves Learning & Teaching in Surgical Skills Lab


Iain Brew, Clinical AV & IT Coordinator in the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, has recently led a major upgrade in the Surgical Skills Lab. While a project of this nature may sound like it comes with a hefty price tag, as many technical upgrades do, Brew’s background in Macquarie’s Sustainability Unit empowered his adaptable approach to the project.

Brew began the project with an audit of existing equipment, revealing what didn’t work or meet industry standards. Importantly for the upgrade, he supplemented the audit with consultation from users on their needs. His commitment to Macquarie’s sustainability goals informed his decision to not just throw everything out, but rather identify the equipment and functionality that was still useful and in good condition and complement that with new equipment to bring the lab up to scratch. Brew ensured all new equipment introduced was purchased from companies that share Macquarie’s vision and can be recycled or adapted in the future.

The end result is an up-to-date, versatile lab that meets the needs of both staff and students, enhances the learning and teaching experience, all while meeting sustainable goals and coming in well below the typical price tag for such a high-quality project.

Additional footage provided by Iain Brew.

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  1. Great work Iain. Really pleased to see you incorporating sustainability into the decision making process. Just shows anyone can do it if it can be done in something as complex as this!

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