Do your students struggle with research skills?

Do you want to make sure your students are finding the best resources for their assignments? InfoWise can help.

InfoWise is the library’s new online research and information literacy support tool. Students and staff can self enrol and get support anywhere anytime


InfoWise aims to build and improve students research skills. Especially useful for undergraduates, international students and anyone new to Macquarie University, the content covers:

  • how to use MultiSearch
  • understanding peer review
  • how to decode citations
  • identifying key search terms
  • advanced search techniques
  • and more

Embed InfoWISE directly into your iLearn unit

While InfoWise is a stand alone unit, it has been designed with modularity in mind – any portion of the content can be embedded directly in your unit.

If you’d like to find out the best way to get the most out of InfoWise for your students, please contact Emma Lawler – x7563