Space Jam: C5A 430 Active Learning Space

Space Jam turns the lights on in some of Macquarie’s 300-odd teaching venues, to help you get to know what’s available. First up: a smart new Active Learning space in C5A that’s perfect for group work.

Where: C5A 430

Capacity: 64 (8 groups of 8)

Technology: Lectern, plus one computer and screen for each group. Xest software enables teaching staff to push and pull content between all the screens in the room.

C5A 430 learning space set up for groups
Set up for groups

Designed for: Small group work using active learning approaches.

Not designed for: ‘Traditional’ tutorials. The space is designed specifically for groups and the tables cannot be moved. If you’re looking for a more flexible active learning space configuration, try the room’s little cousin, C5A 435 where the group tables and AV can be moved around as you please.

Teaching idea: Mirror your screen to all students at the click of a button. You can also stream the student screens in the room: showcase one group’s interesting work by streaming it to all the other screens.

Secret feature: The coloured sets of chairs lend themselves to an easy way to break students into groups. Mix up the chairs at the start and then ask students to rearrange themselves by chair colour – each table has a colour ‘address’. There are also two funky breakout rooms equipped with videoconferencing located between this room and C5A 435.

Closest coffee: Library Cafe. Which does a great dirty chai, or so I’m told.

What else to know: Both this space and C5A 435 are prototypes that will inform future space efforts around the campus. The team have already spotted some design elements that they will do differently for future opportunities and with academic feedback and real usage, this will help to continue to improve the designs and user experience.

If you are interested in using these Active Learning Spaces during Session 2 2016 or would like to provide feedback, email

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