Simple iLearn grading tips

Are you marking in iLearn? It can be confusing with so many different activities and then there’s the Gradebook. Or wait, was it Grademark?! We’ll be sharing some tips each week to help you make the most of the grading functions in iLearn, starting with manually adding grades into the Gradebook.

Remind me what the iLearn Gradebook is?

The Gradebook is used to store and manage student grades in each iLearn unit. It will automatically record grades for activities marked within iLearn such as quizzes. However, you might wish to manage all assessment grades for your unit in the Gradebook. Read on to see how to manually add grades for assessments completed outside of iLearn such as oral presentations or practicals.

Firstly, follow the guide or watch the video on how to manually add a column into your Gradebook. This will create a space to put grades for the activity you will be assessing outside of iLearn.

Next, follow the steps in this video or here below to manually enter grades in the Gradebook:

  1. Go to the Gradebook in your iLearn unit, and click on ViewGrader report.

  2. Find the column you just created. You might need to use the arrows at the bottom of your screen to scroll across.
  3. Hover your mouse over a box and it will show the student’s name and the name of the activity.
  4. Click into the cell of the student/activity you are marking and two boxes will appear. The solid box is for a grade and the dotted box is for feedback.
  5. Enter in a grade and feedback if required, remembering that any feedback you enter will be viewable by the student. Press Enter to save the grade and feedback.Screen Shot 2015-08-26 at 12.43.18 pm
  6. You will notice the colour of the box will change to show the grade has been manually entered into the Gradebook and not automatically fed through from an activity (such as a quiz).

Before you jump in!

With so many options it’s always best to discuss your approach to marking with the Unit Convenor and other markers in a unit.  For example, where you will enter grades, what you are marking out of and whether there is a rubric.

Stay tuned for more upcoming tips! Leave a comment below if you have an area of grading in iLearn that you would like some tips on.

P.S. What is the difference between Gradebook and Grademark? The short explanation from Rebecca Ritchie is here!