Why The Shared Services Team Is The Secret Ingredient To Your Digital Media Needs

We can all agree that the use of purposefully produced digital media is an effective way to enhance the learning and teaching experience. However, have you ever considered where you might start? Without support, you may find the task of creating engaging and fit-for-purpose digital content daunting. The Shared Services Team is your secret ingredient! 

Within the Learning Innovation Hub at Macquarie, the Shared Services Team is a collective of Learning Designers and Educational Media Producers. With their wide range of knowledge, skills and experience across the digital media landscape, they will be able to help you get started and advise you on best practices.

The Shared Services Team caters to faculties and offices, providing an array of digital services by offering assistance in:

– Interactive presentations
– Digital graphics and images
– Documentaries and mixed methods
– Animated sequences
– Demonstrations and how-tos
– Interviews
– Pre-recorded lectures

To discuss how you can enhance your students’ learning experiences using digital media, email the LIH Shared Services Team at