Session 1 Set-up Help & Reminders for Unit Convenors

Just in case you missed our email: here are a few set-up reminders and ways unit convenors can get help for the coming session.

iLearn Drop-in Clinic now on!

Open 10am – 3pm weekdays for help with all things iLearn. More info


• Use iTeach to publish your Unit Guide. Students can view published unit guides at

• Activate your iLearn space in iTeach.  This means creating your unit for Session 1, adding students and other teaching staff, and setting access dates. Access iTeach guides.

• If you don’t have access to the right units, please contact your Department.


•  Log into iLearn and build your iLearn space.

• Remember to link your Unit Guide from iLearn.

• Need iLearn Help?  Email, visit the iLearn Drop-in Clinic or access iLearn guides.



•  Echo360 will record timetabled ‘lectures’ or ‘seminars’ (not repeat lectures) in venues that support automatic recording (check here). If not, you can make a booking to record your lectures. If in doubt, please submit a OneHelp request.

• Add the Echo360 Block in iLearn to make recordings available to students.

• Note: If you are reusing past or pre-recorded lectures from previous years, please submit a OneHelp request to have them enabled for use in 2016.


Visit the 2016 Timetables page to view your unit’s timetable. Click the location name to see the room’s profile including size, equipment and access details. For any timetable or room issues, please contact your Faculty Timetable Officer.

• Please check you know how to use the AV equipment in your teaching space. For help, phone the number displayed in the room, or use the contact details shown in the room’s profile page on the Timetable. If in doubt, check with AVTS.  Note: teaching in a computer lab?  Please also check the right software has been loaded by the local IT manager.


• TEDS Student Surveys are available to order from Week 3 of Session.


• For iLearn, iTeach, Unit Guides and Echo, please

iLearn Help Desk