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Farewell to the ASQC Chair

Associate Professor Coutts commenced as Acting Chair of ASQC in February 2013, having been a member of ASQC since 2011 and its predecessor Committee the Academic Programs Committee. Pamela  was appointed Chair of the Committee in September 2013 at a time when the Committee and its purpose were under review.

During her time as Chair of ASQC, Pamela has overseen significant improvements and has contributed 1000s of hours to supporting and improving the curriculum here at MQ.

Thank you again Pamela for your generosity and commitment!

HDR Thesis Preparation, Submission and Examination Policy and procedures

The revised policy suite now describe the full suite of HDR Examination processes and provide clarity to all stakeholders.  There has been no significant changes to the University’s method of examining HDR theses.

Macquarie University Award for Academic Excellence and MUIC Award for Academic Excellence for undergraduate and postgraduate coursework students

Following the move to a GPA of 7, there was a need to review the eligibility criteria for the Vice-Chancellors Award for Academic Excellence.  The review resulted in eligibility criteria that are aligned with the University’s policies and a name change.  This award will continue to be processed by the team in Graduations and will be bestowed upon students at the April graduations!

Principles of Program Review

The new 7 principles of program reviews are:

  1. Program reviews ensure that the highest academic standards and quality are maintained and that programs remain financially sustainable.
  2. The University’s academic programs will be reviewed on a cyclical basis.
  3. The scope of a program review will reflect level and type of risks and opportunities associated with the program.
  4. Program reviews will include student, internal and external engagement, including with industry partners.
  5. Program reviews will be evidence-based, accessing all available data in a coherent manner.
  6. Reporting on performance and the implementation of review recommendations is to be implemented at the Faculty level.
  7. The approach to program reviews will be iterative and subject to on-going evaluation.

There is work underway to support implementation and develop resources. In the meantime, Faculties are asked to apply these principles in any scheduled reviews where possible.  In application, if you have any feedback please send through via the online form and this will be considered throughout resource development.

The new Special Consideration Policy and Procedure (to replace DtS)

From Session 3, 2017,  the DtS Policy will be rescinded and the new Special Consideration Policy and Procedure will come in to effect.   The policy suite will appear on Policy Central shortly.  To develop a supporting process, an RIE was conducted the  members of the RIE team will be providing communications to their Faculties about this new process.  In the meantime, here is a quick snapshot of some of the outcomes:

  • Clear categories and criteria for special consideration applications including evidence requirements
  • A decision matrix and schedules for applying remedies including appropriate timeframes
  • Resources for communicating about special consideration to staff and students
  • Staff training and support for implementing and using the new process
  • Defined roles and responsibilities including appropriate delegated authority to process applications and apply remedies
  • New tracker/Ask MQ form and workflow to support the process and procedures
  • Guidelines and escalation points for cases that required additional intervention or support

For the full agenda and minutes, please head over to the Senate webpage.

If you have any questions please contact me on

Mariella Herberstein

Chair of Academic Senate


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