LEAP Mentoring Program

Seeking student mentors

Do you know students who are passionate about refugee issues? Or interested in working with young people from diverse backgrounds?

LEAP Macquarie Mentoring is currently looking for volunteer mentors for Session 1, 2016!

What is required to be a mentor?

Mentors are enrolled Macquarie University students who are:

  • Of refugee or Pacific Islander background or willing to learn about their experiences
  • Available 3-4 hours per week throughout Session 1
  • Able to participate in the University Experience Day on a Friday in May 2016
  • Available for compulsory online and face-to-face training (1 day) between 24-26 February
  • Prepared to attend focus groups and feedback sessions

What is LEAP Macquarie Mentoring (Refugee or Pacific Islander Mentoring)?

The program works with high school students of refugee  and Pacific Islander backgrounds. LEAP Mentoring aims to raise aspirations of the high school students towards further study. This is achieved through mentoring.

Being a LEAP mentor offers amazing opportunities:

  • meet like-minded students and form new friendships
  • consolidate professional skills and qualities including communication, teamwork, leadership and problem solving skills.
  • be a part of an important initiative making a difference in the lives of young people
  • build your own motivation, confidence and curiosity by assisting others
  • broaden your perspectives and be an open minded global citizen

What do LEAP Mentors do?

LEAP Macquarie Mentoring University Experience Day
LEAP Macquarie Mentoring University Experience Day

As a LEAP Mentor, your role is to share your experiences and knowledge with high school students of refugee or Pacific Islander backgrounds, developing their understanding of school and university cultures in the Australian context.

For more information about the roles and responsibilities of a LEAP mentor please refer to the LEAP Mentor Position Description.

How does the program run?

  • The program runs across one semester, for 11 weeks, once a week
  • Each session lasts for one hour
  • With the inclusion of travelling to and from the high schools, and weekly debriefs, LEAP Mentors are required to allow 3-4 hours/week for the program
  • One of the 11 weeks involves the “University Experience Day” – this is an interactive, fun-filled day where LEAP Mentors are able to show the high school students around our beautiful Macquarie Campus

How do students apply?

Apply online here.

Applications close on Tuesday, 2 February 2016.

Please note: as applications will be reviewed as received, and places are limited, please apply as early as possible.

Need more information?

Website: mq.edu.au/leap
Email: leap@mq.edu.au
Phone Number: 9850 1934
Building: Y2A (Level 2)