Grab a Partner, do-si-do

Session 2 FPP applications are open NOW for the Faculty of Science and Engineering.

So, what is an ‘FPP’?

Faculty Partnership Projects (FPPs) span 5 months, and are a great opportunity for Science and Engineering staff to partner up with the Learning and Teaching Centre (LTC) and focus on an aspect of their teaching.

Applicants will need approval from Jenny Donald, Associate Dean Learning and Teaching, prior to submitting an application.

Further information about the FPP process can be found on our website. There are also examples of past projects available to look at if you need some ideas.

Applications close 30th May 2015

If you need extra support in developing an FPP application or further information, please contact the Education Developer assigned to your Faculty: Iain McAlpine ( or Robert Parker (

So what are you waiting for? The application is here.

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