School students participating in Wild Science Race

Science Students Racing at the Zoo

A learning task and assessment like no other, first and third year MQ Advanced Biology students are developing activities for school students and community members participating in the ‘Wild Science Race’ at Taronga Zoo as part of Sydney Science Festival.

Celebrated as part of National Science Week, 12-20th August 2017, the Wild Science Race creates an important link between Macquarie’s scientists, Taronga Zoo staff, science students and the next generation. Associate Professor Michelle Power has partnered with Taronga Conservation Society and Taronga Zoo to provide our students with a fantastic opportunity to contribute to science and conservation.

As partners in the Wild Science Race event, Macquarie’s Advanced Biology students (BIO188, BILO388) and Biology staff members split into smaller groups to design and deliver activities for participants to complete in the race. Race participants move between six checkpoints to complete scientific challenges that convey how science informs conservation and the importance of science in Taronga’s conservation activities.

In its second year running, this project facilitates industry engagement for undergraduate students along with giving them experience in community activities and delivering science education.

A Biology student who participated in last year’s event commented “Being involved in the Sydney Science Festival is a fantastic way for MQ students to gain experience in scientific communication with the public…developing the Wild Race allows students to better understand biological concepts that are conveyed to the public”.

Taronga is scheduled to open the doors of its new Institute of Science and Learning in 2018 which will continue to provide the delivery platform for initiatives like this.

If you would like to participate in the Wild Science Race Community Event, click here for more information.