When research + lab work creates an enriching student learning experience

How do you know when students are really engaged? You scan their brain!

emotive scannerBianca De Wit and David Kaplan will be sharing with the MQ community how they have used their research to create an active, completely engaging learning opportunity for students majoring in Cognitive and Brain Sciences. You will hear about how they have combined education, and neuroscience research to create an affordable, scalable and highly portable teaching lab.  Students are immersed in hands-on, exploratory research activities which give them a live window into the workings of the human brain, seeing the concepts in action.

Bianca and David’s leading work also received a Dean’s Citation for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning, Faculty of Human Sciences this year.

Come along to hear Bianca and David talk about the impact of research informed teaching for student learning and engagement.  

When?  Tuesday, 9th November, 2 -2.45pm.  Catering provided too!  Register here.

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