“Stop debating about MOOCs”: Report from UNESCO Global High Level Policy Forum

I recently attended the Global High Level Policy Forum in Paris organised by UNESCO in partnership with ICDE on improving access, flexibility, affordability, engagement, success and quality for all in higher education.

More than 150 practitioners from over 50 countries engaged in the three day meeting. There were many informed speakers and two significant breakout sessions (one of which I chaired) on developing concrete actions for addressing these issues.

Many of the speakers and reports back from working groups contained good suggestions, but for me one of the most inspirational speakers was Professor Primrose Kurasha, President of the African Council for Distance Education and Vice Chancellor of the Open University of Zimbabwe.

In her closing comments, Professor Kurasha suggested that we:

    • establish the gap of where we are and where we want to go with regard to Online, Open and Flexible Learning
    • include education as a critical pillar for our sustainable development goals
    • stop debating about MOOCs. It is time to act. Embrace them to complement Online, Open and Flexible Learning
    • Make our students employment creators

Her presentation is linked here.


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