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Reminder to post a reminder

Recently, I was talking with a colleague about reminders.   Reminding ourselves to do something, reminding students when a task is due and generally how we now rely on ourselves less and less to remember dates, events, appointments and of course when something is due.  The prevalence of technology as our personal assistant means our brain is less exercised in this area and you know what they say ‘use it or lose it’.  OK, that might be extreme and the previous sentence is grounded in no research or study whatsoever, it just seems logical to assume.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am heavily reliant on my smart phone, table and laptop for reminders of almost every aspect of my life and I am really struggling to remember my reminders after losing my phone a few weeks ago.  Anyhow, I am digressing and turning this post into a post about me.

My said colleague, the wonderful Cathy Mewes, Online Development Coordinator in Arts and I were then musing over the responsibility of reminding students and their responsibility of reminding themselves when assessment tasks are due and whether students read their iLearn announcements that are forwarded to their student email.   A quiet little block (that’s those rectangles on the right hand side) in iLearn that can be a handy tool to be a reminder and it’s called Upcoming events.

iLearn BlocksThe Upcoming events block lists iLearn Activities with due dates (and manually-created calendar events) that will happen within the next twenty days.  Events or activities that are currently hidden to students are not listed.  You can use the Upcoming events block without adding the Calendar block to your unit.  Neat huh?  So now you want to add it to your unit?  It will take no more than five minutes to add to your iLearn unit, promise!  Follow the instructions in this Quick Guide, then tell your students about it.

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