Reflection For Learning Summit

Reflection as Art‘Reflection for learning: a summit on contemplative practices for higher education’ was held on the 21st of August at Macquarie University.

Hosted by Dr Marina Harvey from the Learning and Teaching Centre, the summit brought together practitioners and researchers in the field of contemplative education and reflective practices in Higher Education. Some of our guests travelled interstate and included representatives from five Australian universities (including Macquarie).

The day was spent engaging with reflective and contemplative practices for learning, including a special session around the Indigenous Learning Circle (many thanks to Warawara for permission to use this space). With an aim of ‘moving beyond the diary’ for practising and documenting reflection for learning (Harvey, Baker, Bosanquet, Coulson, Semple & Warren, 2012) music, art, movement and more were explored. Details are provided in our publication.

Attendees at the summit formed a group based on a common passion and commitment to reflective and contemplative practices for learning in Higher Education.

If you are interested to know more about the group, please contact Dr Marina Harvey:

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