Really? They do? Library services you may not know about

The library does so much, but here are a few services which may have escaped your notice. Or not?

  1. Meditation headbands. A partnership between the Library and Campus Wellbeing, check out these portable wearable bands which aid in learning to meditate.
  2. Streaming video. Lots of great documentaries, how to videos and film features to support your academic work.  Stream them anywhere, and several of these providers have options for clip making to embed in teaching or other presentations.
  3. One of those mornings? Caffeine didn’t kick in, and you forgot your laptop? Borrow an ultrabook or an iPad for 24 hours from the library collection point desk.
  4. You’re wondering what’s new to read at the library this week? Check out a list a new books, updated weekly. You can even search by category.
  5. Incredible art. The library displays some of Macquarie’s stunning collection. There’s also an exhibition space inside the entry doors and to the right, as well as the Lachlan and Elizabeth Macquarie room.  A number of exhibitions are held throughout the year.
  6. The Bubuk Room provides a culturally safe space for indigenous students to do group work or individual study.
  7. Training on bibliographic software can help you sort out those thorny issues when you’re referencing or creating bibliographies.

And now for some facts which are illuminating: In 2015, the library had 1.9 million physical visits and an average May day saw around 42,000 searches on multisearch. There are over 125 staff.

Rumour has it that the library cafe now serves a ‘dirty chai’, so you might be tempted to find out for yourself.

Which one of these are you most likely to use? Is there something else you’ve found useful which might help others?