What are all these rascally students doing on Conception day?

Grumpy Cat Blue Beanie - CC by Kevin Wenzel https://www.flickr.com/photos/33773890@N00/You try and try and try again and they just party

You go through all this work preparing all this information and resources for your students to consume and gain insightful knowledge about the world, and what do they do? They just go off and party! Conception Day.

It’s that time of the year where students turn from being sweet little innocent angels to party animals ready to do all sorts of things, like scream, yell loud profanities, and have fun! Since when was University ever about having fun! The nerve of students these days, I tell you back in my day, we sat around the common room table and discussed things of importance like smoking jackets, leather bound books, and crepes. Bring those days back I say!

I remember a time where loud music and good times were frowned upon by the educated world, where Mozart was the one true King, and Nietzsche was our muse of life, not these Preachers or Hermitude folk. Why, we had pen pals in my time, not Facebook or Instagram, or Snapchat, I don’t know; whatever these kids are calling it these days.

We stood tall as fine young good decent folk ready to tackle the big issues. Whereas these students just take selfies. Selfies! What on Earth is a selfie! It makes no sense to me. There is no sound research supporting this phenomena that I am aware of, but for some reason, these kids just love taking photos of themselves have a jolly time and then sharing it on the ‘Internet’. That’s another thing; the Internet!

What is all this Internety whoo ha stuff about anyway? All I hear is digital this, digital that. E-books, mp3s, YouTube, what does it all mean?  Maybe this post will help clarify a few things for me. No doubt these students know what its all about, they don’t put their phones down in my classes. That’s another thing; Phones! Tell me a time when you were studying on your mobile phone… come to think of it, tell me of a time when mobile phones were even in the classroom at al!? Times are a changin.

And here we are again; Conception Day. Have you even heard some of the stuff these kids are listening too? Well here it is, a digital playlist of a few of the bands playing at Conception Day embedded into this post using the generic HTML embed code! I’ve gotta say, this ‘digital literacy’ stuff… I dunno. I still for the life of me, cannot believe all this ‘fun’ happens on our campus!