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Quick tip: Submitting without storing a paper in Turnitin

Have you ever wanted to just check a paper for matching text in Turnitin, without having it permanently stored in the Turnitin database?

Did you know you can use the ‘No repository’ option when setting up a Turnitin assignment in iLearn?

When a paper is submitted to Turnitin, the papers are generally saved to the Turnitin student repository database. This is to ensure that if the same paper (or parts of the paper) is submitted again, Turnitin will be able to find the match and flag it as possible plagiarism. This functionality is enabled by default.

When creating new assignments, you can choose not to have submitted papers saved to any database by doing the following:

Turnitin no reporsitory

  1. Create the assignment as usual.
  2. Click to expand Turnitin Advance Options.
  3. For Store Student Papers select No Repository.

Submissions to this assignment will not be saved to the Turnitin database and will not be used to match against other submitted papers in the future.

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