‘Publish or Perish’: Academic research, writing and publishing workshop

Academic Research, Writing and Publishing Workshop

Friday 1st August 2014

Time: 12:00 PM to 3:00 PM

Register at https://www.mq.edu.au/ltc/Workshops/WorkshopDetails.php?WorkshopID=177

“If a research project is successful but nobody is around to hear about it, does it have an impact?” (beyond personal development, obvs.)

“Complete a research project and you’ll change yourself. Publish a research project and you’ll change the world.”

“A peer reviewed article in the hand is worth two in the op-eds.”

You get the idea.

To say that the modern university is preoccupied with publishing would be an understatement. A ‘global obsession’ might more accurately capture the frenzied push (and pressure!) to publish in today’s higher education environment.

Nonetheless, metrics and funding issues aside, few would question the value of sharing your findings with your community of peers, or its centrality to the role of researcher. Publishing your findings and communicating your ideas are important steps in any research project, but ones that present a whole host of challenges.

With this in mind, Assoc/Prof John Dumay is here to help with an Academic Writing workshop on Friday August 1. The workshop bridges the research, writing and publishing stages of a project, with a particular emphasis on research output and developing a publication strategy. John has a celebrated track record as a highly cited and commended researcher, as well as experience on editorial boards and as a guest-editor for several prestigious journals.

The workshop will tackle issues including publication timeframes, rejection rates, optimising your submissions, and the research strategies and skills you need to help your research blossom into a beautiful publication (while reaching the best audience for your work.)

This workshop is open to all researchers at all levels, and will be particularly useful for those beginning their research career.  Registrations can be made at:


Article posted by Teche team on behalf of writer Phil Betts

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