Planning Career Futures


This project was about providing a gentle, partly playful prompting to early stage students in Arts in connection with rising 'employability' agendas. It was proposed as a collaboration between Arts Learning and Teaching and Careers' representative in the Faculty.

The key task was to make a small, adaptable module to be used in provoking earlier thought among Arts students on the direction of their studies. It was to encourage a greater sense of purposeful and strategic ownership of the experience of being a student. Plan was to mix inspiration and big thinking with practical, and to include a spectrum of personal and career-oriented thinking. The module's elements would provide flexible and vivid input and a useful structure to assist with a range of explorations. It was to include helping focus imagination and at least some tentative action on satisfying life after university - including career.

The result:

eXplore Your Potential!  a self paced module created in the form of an iLearn site, designed specifically for first year Arts students to help to:

  • know and understand yourself better (eXplore Me)
  • research and identify career opportunities which might interest you (eXplore Opportunities)
  • clarify and plan the next steps in your journey (eXplore Goals)
The site and its various elements now exist as an adaptable and readily modifiable core set of materials.  Plan is to use this to assist ongoing efforts by 'Careers' to integrate direction-orienting activities into selected 'early stage' units across Arts.  The whole set may be deployed with small modification as a single block or specific parts could be taken and integrated with other unit materials.  Some support has been given around 'embedment strategies' and first pilot adaptation is already running within the Bachelor of Security Studies using the fruits of this FPP.  Materials purposefully vary from big picture and inspirational through to focusing activities.  They are designed to work for purposes of both school leaver students and people further along their journeys. Arts Careers FPP Team Developed in Session 1 2015 in collaboration between Careers, Arts L&T and LTC.  Trial run in Session 2 2015 in unit PICT112. This project was successfully managed by James Meek, Educational Developer with the LTC.

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