Piloting a new approach in Sustainability, Science and the Law

Kirsten Davies approached the LTC with the goal to improve student engagement in her unit LEX102 Science, Sustainability and the Law. To achieve this a range of changes were made as part of a Faculty Partnership Project in 2014. To increase the engagement of students a flipped classroom model for one week was piloted. A video replaced the lecture and a highly interactive, participatory workshop was developed. To drive participation of students during lectures, an in-class polling tool, Socrative, was piloted throughout the semester. Kirsten found this tool injected energy and interest into her lecturers. She received more feedback and engagement from her students than she had in the past. Consequently Kirsten intends to use this approach in her future lectures. To improve the student learning experience the online unit was redesigned. Kirsten’s unit now had inspirational quotes, images, clear instructional language, a clear logical consistent structure, high quality videos and used learning analytics to help her see what was happening in the unit. To capitalize on the availability of guest speakers during the semester, videos were created with them. This resulted in impactful video resources that Kirsten can reuse in future. These videos included interviews of a judge, experts in planning and governance as well as student roundtable with an internationally renowned professor at Macquarie.   law Evaluation of the unit before and after the various interventions found that students demonstrated an improvement across the domains of academic writing, understanding principles of sustainability, scientific methods and the law. Student complaints about the unit after the intervention fell by 65% and student completion rates doubled. Kirsten found that: "The FPP has been absolutely wonderful from my perspective in terms of the rebuild of LEX 102. Chris and his team have contributed enormous value and effort which has been greatly appreciated by my teaching team and, most importantly, our students"

This FPP was successfully managed by Chris Froissard, Educational Designer from the LTC and led by the following academics: Kirsten Davies (Academic lead, lecturer), Maryam Khalid (convenor), Tanzim Afoz (lecturer, tutor) and Pradip Royhan (tutor).


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