Hazard picture by Samuel Zeller

Preparing PACE Students For Safe Workplace Experiences

Are you convening a PACE unit this session?

Did you know that there is a module on work health and safety that you can embed in your iLearn unit?

When venturing into the world of work, PACE students potentially face exposure to a number of health and safety issues. Although unlikely, it’s important that they are well prepared for such possibilities before they commence their PACE activity, particularly when it is located off campus.

A revised student Work Health and Safety (WHS) module is available for PACE students from Session 2. The module has been reviewed and updated following recent student feedback.

This iLearn module aims to provide students with basic WHS information and resources relevant to the diverse range of workplaces that students may find themselves in for their PACE activities. It explains what students should expect for workplace safety inductions and what they should do in the case of an accident or incident during their PACE activity.

So if you’re convening a PACE unit check out the PACE WHS Student Module and embed it in your iLearn unit. It’s a great resource and can be accessed by all staff and students at the university.

For further information or to provide feedback please contact Nicole Roeth (WHS Advisor for PACE) on ph: 98504054 or nicole.roeth@mq.edu.au

Authors: Nicole Roeth and Anna Rowe