Larry Page Talks Ted

And here we thought Google Drive was something… Earlier this week Google CEO Larry Page did an interview as part of a TED Talk, and holy cow was it a sha-bang and a half. Some of the technology innovations Google are coming up with are not only game changers, but may even be game set and match for all looking to take on AI, transport and the like. Watch this and leave your thoughts for food in the comments below.

Got the skills to pay the bills?

Got the skills to pay the bills?

bad ass tutor

Did you know that the Learning and Teaching Centre runs iLearn training specifically for Tutors?  It covers all of the general functions a tutor would be required to undertake in an iLearn unit, from moderating discussion forums to entering marks in the gradebook.  Since February, we have run six of these workshops plus an online version of the workshop, which is self paced.

Does this sound like something you’re keen to get in on?  Or perhaps you know a tutor who might want to attend?  Send them our way……..

Teaching in iLearn for Tutors, Thursday 27 March (register here)

Discover iLearn for Tutors online (available anytime – register here).


Success factors for implementing learning design

james dalzielProfessor James Dalziel used his Australian Teaching and Learning Council National Teaching Fellowship Success factors for implementing Learning Design to meet with international experts to develop a new conceptual model for the future of Learning Design, named “The Larnaca Declaration on Learning Design”. Continue reading Success factors for implementing learning design

Quality learning and teaching with sessional staff – do you want to know more?

Dr Marina Harvey reflects on a recent project

ltc_staff_pics_marina_harveyFollowing a two year OLT funded project on sessional staff ( including a national summit with participants from 40 higher education institutions, key presentations and research papers were developed into a special edition of a journal. I believe that this is the first such special edition of a journal devoted to a focus on quality learning and teaching with sessional staff. If you have ever wondered about:

  • who and how many sessional staff teach in our universities – read the article by May et al,
  • what innovations have been trialled overseas and with what effect – read Bryson’s or Sutherland and Gilbert’s contribution,
  • what innovations have been developed in Australia – five articles cover this.

Volume 10, Issue 3 (2013) Setting the standard: Quality Learning and Teaching with Sessional Staff

Join the Learning Technologies Webinar Series

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Do you want to be informed about the latest issues and technologies for online learning? Do you want to hear about the innovative programs your colleagues are running?

In the Learning Technologies Webinar Series you can participate from anywhere on or off campus in engaging and informative live session on a range of new and contemporary topics on learning technologies. Continue reading Join the Learning Technologies Webinar Series

How do you measure up?


How many sessional staff teach at your university? The majority of teaching across Australian universities is undertaken by sessional staff and it is time to ensure that the contribution of sessional staff is included in key strategic and operational plans for quality learning and teaching. The BLASST (Benchmarking leadership and advancement of standards for sessional teaching) framework is offered to you as an online interactive tool (go to to explore, even benchmark, how your department, faculty or institution ‘measures up’ to the national evidenced-based standards. Individual sessional staff can also engage with this online tool. You will be rewarded with a report which signals your standards using a traffic light system, for example green represents you are achieving a high standard.

For more information about the project contact Dr Marina Harvey,   Lecturer in Academic Development, Macquarie University

now at