Sherman Young: A Visit to SCIL

I visited the Sydney Centre for Innovation in Learning  on Friday and was taken on a great tour by Stephen Harris (Principal) and Mark Burgess (Deputy and Learning Activist). Based in the Northern Beaches Christian School, SCIL takes a disruptive approach to K-12 education with the use of innovative learning spaces, blended learning environments (Moodle and EdModo for the most part), BYOD approaches and PBL.

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Crowdfunding Innovations

Crowdfunding is the concept of an individual reaching a goal by collecting small contributions from many parties to finance a particular project or activity.

Photo from flickr:


The activity to be funded could be for a non-profit campaign (e.g. to support a project by your local voluntary organisation),  a philanthropic campaign (e.g. to produce an emerging artist) or a commercial project (e.g. to create and sell a new product).

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Innovation and PACE shine in Learning and Teaching Week 2013 eBook

Macquarie’s annual celebration of pedagogy and scholarship, Learning and Teaching Week was held from 16-20 September 2013. As presenters are encouraged each year to publish their work as a way of sharing practice and furthering research in this area, an eBook option was offered as a new publishing platform to those who presented papers, symposia, roundtables and workshops. Continue reading Innovation and PACE shine in Learning and Teaching Week 2013 eBook

Scaffolding the development of academic writing


academic writingAn effective way to demonstrate the style of writing expected in your discipline is to show students a model or exemplar answer. Ideally this should be an assignment written by a student from a previous iteration of your unit, keeping in mind that this requires the written permission of the student. Continue reading Scaffolding the development of academic writing

A Flaming desire for Blended Learning?

Come along and join a team of Educational Designers and Developers for this interactive professional learning workshop on Flexible Learning at Macquarie (FLaMe).

Flaming Lightbulb

If you would like to engage students more in the online components of your unit, or if you would like to introduce online learning into your unit, then FLaMe is perfect for you. You will be introduced to the basic principles of blended learning and guided through a range of practical examples and exercises which will help you to redesign your own current (or planned) unit. Continue reading A Flaming desire for Blended Learning?

Rhetoric or Reality? Call for Papers for ascilite2014

from on from Macquarie’s successful hosting last year,  Ascilite (that’s the Australasian Society for Computers in Learning in Tertiary Education) will hold its 2014 conference in Dunedin, New Zealand from 23-26 November.

The theme for this year is Rhetoric or Reality, and contributions relating to critical perspectives on educational technology are now invited under the following sub-themes:

  • Emerging technology practices (e.g., MOOCs, OERs, virtual reality, mobile learning, games or gamification)
  • Institution-wide technology integration (e.g., implementation of digital strategies)
  • Focus on research evidence (e.g., impact-focused methods such as educational design research, inquiry and action research, and experimental studies)
  • Technology-enhanced learning design
  • Learning analytics
  • Educational technology and society
  • Role of learning theories

For full details, visit the ascilite2014 website

April Fool(s) by Professor Sherman Young

It’s probably apt that my first post for Teche should be on April Fool’s Day. It’s now been a few months since I began in the role of PVC (Learning, Teaching and Diversity) and – as many of you may be aware – it’s been a fun learning curve as the role has evolved. Now that I’ve had time to settle in, you’ll be pleased to know that there will be much more news from my office over the rest of the year 🙂

Futurama - April Fool's DayA key part of the role is to think about a long-term learning and teaching framework/strategy for Macquarie and as the pieces fall into place, and various stakeholders are consulted, I’ll be posting on that ongoing development. Rest assured that there’ll be some interesting ideas around what we teach, how we teach and who we teach – with plenty of opportunities for consultation as the year goes by. So watch this space.
In the meantime, on this particular April 1st, remember Isaac Asimov’s advice regarding fools like us (from his Guide to Shakespeare):
“That, of course, is the great secret of the successful fool – that he is no fool at all.

Gradebook vs. GradeMark – same same but different?

Are you confused?  You’re not alone!

Many a head spins when Gradebook is mentioned, or GradeMark.  Many use these terms interchangeably.  ‘Aren’t they the same thing?’  I hear you implore.  Ummm, no.  Sorry to break it to you, they are very, VERY different but the good news is, it’s easy to know the difference.  Let’s break it down, like James Brown.

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