How do we make academic writing happen?

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Picture yourself with a writing deadline looming. The telephone is ringing, the inbox overflowing, students or colleagues want your attention. Upon reading the 1000 words you have just written, you delete them and start again. If this scenario sounds familiar to you, you are probably wondering: how can I make my writing happen in everyday life? Continue reading How do we make academic writing happen?

Digital fluency of academics: a great challenge?

The 2014 NMC Technology Outlook for Australian Tertiary Education indicates that  the digital fluency of lecturers and professors is a great challenge, it also suggests that the solutions are clear. Professional development for teaching staff is one aspect but the report suggests the setting of clear expectations for a basic digital fluency skillset for all teaching staff is key.

Macquarie Dominates the Lecturer of the Year Awards!

Macquarie staff have fared extremely well in the 2013 Unijobs Lecturer of the Year Awards.  After more than 100,000 votes were counted, no less than six of our staff placed among the top 15 lecturers in Australia!

Department of Biological Sciences’ Professor Michael Gillings continued his rise up the list over recent years, coming in at second overall!  (See his Tedx MacquarieUniversity talk here).

Other Macquarie staff placed in the top 15 were:

  • Dr  Paul Mason, Anthropology (3rd)
  • Dr Kevin Brooks, Psychology (6th)
  • Matthew Mansour, Computing / Accounting & Corporate Governance (11th)
  • Dr Andrew Dahdal, Accounting & Corporate Governance (12th)
  • Associate Professor Greg Downey, Anthropology (13th)

You can see the full list of the winners, plus the top ten lecturers from Macquarie, here.

Deadline Extended: Learning and Teaching Week Proposals and Reviewers (22-25 September, 2014)

Deadline Extended: Learning and Teaching Week Proposals and Reviewers (22-25 September, 2014)

Good news! The deadline for submitting your proposals for this year’s Learning and Teaching Week – “Less is More” – has been extended to Friday 23 May.

We are still seeking interesting, exciting practice-based contributions for nano-presentations, demonstrations and poster sessions, as well as papers based on research and scholarship. Proposals for workshops, roundtable discussions and symposia are also welcome.

How to Submit

Abstracts are now due by Friday 23 May, 2014 and must be submitted via the the Learning and Teaching Week website. More information about the types of sessions and the criteria for proposals are available on the website.

Expressions of interest from those interested in reviewing abstracts are also still welcome.

Contact: Elizabeth Shoostovian or call ext.1608.

Successful Open Education Course

In 2013 Macquarie University explored the development of open education courses across a number of discipline areas. The Becoming Human: Anthropology open education course by Macquarie University’s own Associate Professor Greg Downey was produced by The Education Studio at Macquarie University and Open Universities Australia. It has now run a number of times and has constantly received favourable reviews, such as these below: Continue reading Successful Open Education Course

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