Learning and Teaching Week 2014: What’s on and When

In case you’re not subscribed to Teche’s handy Upcoming Workshops & Events monthly email (why not subscribe here?), here’s a run-down of the line-up for Learning and Teaching Week, 22-25 September.

Click the titles to register.  More details and the full abstracts are available at mq.edu.au/ltweek. Registration is essential for all sessions – including lunch!

Monday 22 September

10am -11am Official Opening and Keynote: Prof Sherman Young “Learning and Teaching Strategy Update”

11.30am-1pm Parallel Session – Paper Presentation 1
Conversations on three continents: Peer Review of Teaching and Communication (Dr Jennifer Clarke, Tim Pearson) | Making connections: A tool to engage students with their own learning prior to enrolment at university (Carolyn Kennett) |  Modularisation of the Engineering Curriculum* (Prof Anthony Parker)

*Watch a preview of Modularision of the Engineering Curriculum here

11.30am-1pm Parallel Session – Paper Presentation 2
Outreach Mentors with High School Mentees: Co-creating Engagement, Belonging and Loyalty in Higher Education (Sonal Singh, Ruth Tregale) |  Ecological footprinting as a top-down and bottom-up approach to complete campus engagement and transformation towards the One Planet Goal (Sara Rickards, Richie Howitt,Sandie Suchet-Pearson) | “The only rule is that there are no rules”: Unpacking the complexities of staff workload associated with teaching, administering and supporting PACE units (Dr Anna Rowe, Lindie Clark, Dr Ayse Bilgin, Sarita Bista)

11.30am-1pm Parallel Session – Paper Presentation 3
Learning with byte; the gamification of key concepts in earth science* (Dr Kira Westaway) | Collaborative Presentation Design: Students as Co-Creators (Ollie Coady) | Opening Real Science: 6Es Design Framework and Learning Activities in Moodle (Prof Joanne Mulligan, Prof John Hedberg}

*Read about Kira Westaway’s gamification project here

1pm-2pm Day 1 Lunch – registration essential

2pm-3.30pm Keynote Prof Sandra Wills “Blending open and free with closed and for fee” and Panel “Education: Open or closed?”

4pm-5pm Parallel Session – Nano Session 1
Student-Focused Unit Design in Philosophy: Skills, engagement and retention (Dr Paul Formosa, Dr Andrew Dunstall, Dr Albert Atkin, Dr Jennifer Duke-Yonge) | Wakaru Tsukaeru: Using images to Acquire Japanese Particles via Mobile and Online Platforms (Hiroshi Suzuki, Dr Nobuaki Akagi) | Teaching more with shorter readings: a demonstration using ancient languages (Dr Trevor Evans) | Transforming Archaeology at Macquarie University (Dr Yann Tristant, Michael Rampe,Ellen Ryan) | Improving tutorial engagement with physics problem-solving skills (Assoc Prof Judith Dawes)

4pm-5pm Parallel Session – Nano Session 2
From fragmentation to collaboration: joining the dots in the student learning experience (Reenah Jays, Julius Parker) | Just enough and just in time: embedding research skills in iLearn (Emma Lawler, Phanh Oudomlith) | Reflecting on Academic Integrity: Preliminary findings from student usage of an iLearn resource (Dr Florence Ma) | HE HE HE is not Higher Education x 3, It’s Just a Laugh (Thomas Kerr) | ‘Flipping’ the classroom using authentic online resources produced in collaboration with alumni students (Judy Adnum, Fiona Nicolson)

4pm-5pm Parallel Session – Nano Session 3
Virtual Partnerships: Implications for cross cultural and professional communication in a student-led online PACE project (Dr Usha Harris) | The Student Experience of PACE: Graduate capabilities and career aspirations (Dr Kathryn McLachlan) | Less classroom – with more learning: WIL internships develop employability skills (Dr Leanne Carter) | Best Practice in Experiential Engaged Learning – Participating in Poster Competition (Dr Salut Muhidin, Dr Meena Chavan) | Widening Participation Opportunities for Accounting Students in the Community (Dr Rahat Munir, Nicholas McGuigan)

Tuesday 23 September

9am-10am Poster Session (registration not required)

10.30am-12noon Keynote: Prof Richard James (University of Melbourne): What makes a University a University? What might the Australian higher education sector look like by 2025?

Panel “A Teaching-Only University is Not a University” (Dr Melanie Bishop, Dr Theresa Winchester-Seeto, Prof Robyn Dowling, Prof Nick Mansfield)

12noon-12.45pm Day 2 Lunch – registration essential

12.45pm-2.15pm Parallel Session – Workshop 1
Students Graduate from Programs, not Units: Assessing and Assuring Student Learning (Joanna Sabri)

12.45pm-2.15pm Parallel Session – Symposium
Partnerships through Learning Design to Enhance the Student Experience (Fiona Nicolson, Dr Rod Lane, Prof Catherine Dean, Dr Melanie Bishop, Dr Paul Hesse, Dan Daugaard, Assoc Prof Elizabeth Sheedy, Dr Yann Tristant, Dr Alexandra Woods)

12.45pm-2.15pm Parallel Session – Paper Presentation 4
Supporting experiential learning through “mass collaboration” (Dr Maria Amigo) | More or less academic? Defining and supporting early career teaching and research (Dr Agnes Bosanquet)

2.15pm-3.15pm Merit Scholars Panel: “The Student Voice”
(Daniel Sturman, Cindy Huang, Timothy Zhang, Georgia Scapens

More about the Merit Scholars Panel here

3.45pm-4.45pm Parallel Session – Nano Session 4
Design, Develop, Implement: a team-based approach to learning design (Dr Panos Vlachopoulos)The what and when of debriefing: Maximising the effectiveness of debriefing in work-integrated learning (Dr Anna Rowe, Dr Theresa Winchester-Seeto) | Universal Design for Busy Academics: Doing More with Less (Thomas Kerr, Michael Grant) | University Campuses as Research Field Sites (Tim Pearson)

3.45pm-4.45pm Parallel Session – Nano Session 5
Flipping, Blogging and Semiotics in MAR 202 (Ollie Coady) | Less lecturing, more engagement: reflections from a flipped classroom (Dr Melanie Bishop) | Kickstarting Science Student Lab skills (Prof Mariella Herberstein, Rekha Joshi, Matthew Bulbert) | Promoting motivation and enhancing engagement in science education: can research help? (Dr Sham Nair) 

3.45pm-4.45pm Parallet Session – Nano Session 6
Less Theory, More Design: design-Problem-Based Learning in Engineering (Prof Karu Esselle) | A Few Threshold Concepts an Engineering Program Make (Prof Anthony Parker) |
Transforming the Economic Curriculum by Integrating Threshold Concepts (Prashan Karunaratne) | You Shall Not Pass! Strategies for Navigating the Transition from industry to Academia (Assoc Prof Leigh Wood)

Wednesday 24 September

9.30am-11am Parallel Session – Workshop 2 – Learning Design for Intense Mode Blended Learning Units (Jorge Reyna, Deidre Seeto, Scarlet An)

9.30am-11am Parallel Session – Workshop 3 – The Art of Blogging for Learning and Teaching (Lucy Arthur)

9.30am-11am Parallel Session – Symposium – Inspiring Learning: Experiences of using IBL and PBL in Pre-Service Teacher Education (Dr Stef Savanah, Dean Groom, Dr David Saltmarsh, Bronwen Wade)

11.30am-1pm Panel and Debate: “What is the future of University Teaching?”
Dr Trudy Ambler, Assoc Prof Ian Solomonides, Prof Sherman Young
Submit your question for the chance to win a prize!

1pm-1.45pm Day 3 Lunch – registration essential

1.45-3.15pm Parallel Session – Workshop 4 – Less Time, More Reflection
(Dr Marina Harvey, Dr Michaela Baker, Dr Vanessa Fredericks, Dr Kate Lloyd, Dr Kath McLachlan, Dr Anne-Louise Semple, Dr Greg Walkerden)

1.45pm-3.15pm Parallel Session – Demonstration Sessions
Investigating students’ experiences and understandings of using video lectures in the learning process (Michael Rampe) | Teaching Formal Logic with the help of a Natural Language Authoring Tool (Dr Stephen Guy) | Developing pre-commencement material: Kickstart’s educational design aspects and video production (Dr Mauricio Marrone) | More prepared – less confused: investigating pre-semester engagement strategies via the KickStart project (Dr Yvonne Breyer)* | Building an online 3D platform for Macquarie University (Michael Rampe)

*Read more about Kickstart on Teche here

1.45pm-3.15pm Parallel Session – Demonstration Sessions Y
StudyWISE – Less text and more variety: An iLearn resource for building student academic success (Tessa Green, Dr Robyn Westcott, Lucy Arthur, Victoria Taylor) | The Reading Game – how to get players/learners to master something that is long and challenging and enjoy it, by operating at the outer and growing edge of a player’s competence, but do-able and pleasantly frustrating? (Robert Parker) | Blended Learning in Cognitive Science (Dr Hua-Chen Wang, Prof Anne Castles) | Blended learning and teaching in anatomy education: an example from the Macquarie University postgraduate medical program (Dr Mirjana Strkalj, Prof Kirsty Forrest, Sean Smith) | The Introduction of Electronic Laboratory Notebooks into laboratory based undergraduate and postgraduate units (Dr Christopher McRae)

3.45-4.45 Roundtable Y – Less is More in Education Design?
(Lucy Arthur)

4.30pm-6.30pm Best Poster Awards and Post Conference Drinks

Thursday 25 September

Three Minute Thesis Finals

Watch your Macquarie finalists battle it out:
Macquarie Theatre, 3.30pm – 5.00pm
followed by refreshments in the foyer mq.edu.au/3mt

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